The Hercules equipment pad is engineered to be more lightweight and durable than anything the industry is offering. Contractors across the country know that these pads are a must have for any unit. Don’t take our word for it, look at it yourself and see if what we are saying is true.

You will discover for yourself that it is durable, sturdy, and reasonably priced. It may just be the last equipment pad you will ever choose.

We are so confident in our quality that we give the Hercules Equipment Pad a LIFETIME WARRANTY, it will perform as promised and we will stand behind it!

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Our Equipment Pads

The Hercules Equipment Pads are sturdier than anything the competition has, it is lighter in weight, superior in every way and yet its price point is more than competitive. If we can answer any questions please feel free to contact us.

Hercules Equipment Pads: The Only HVAC Pads You Need

Competitors Vs Hercules

Which pad would YOU pick?

Our Competitors Cracks and Breaks

Hercules Pads Withstand Every Test

Our Pads are available to order direct by mail from us or, more conveniently, at all your better quality wholesale suppliers.

ASK FOR THEM BY NAME…there is only one HERCULES.

As the finest equipment pad on the market, these pads can not and need not be stacked. If a thicker pad is needed for some reason, please contact us and we will make you one. Never stack our product, it is more than strong enough as designed.


The idea of a stronger and lighter Equipment Pad, that was superior in its reliability, yet competitively priced, was born out of necessity.

Our owner had his own Mechanical Contracting firm for over 25 years and saw first-hand the back-breaking work that went into setting equipment pads. It was there that the vision for a radically different pad was born. One that would meet the requirements for supporting equipment without over taxing the service persons installing them.

Countless hours in R&D have been invested in making the very best pad on the market. Give it a try – we think you will agree it is stronger, lighter, more reliable, and very attractively priced. A top of the line product you can be proud to own.

Great for HVAC Units, Generators, Pool Pumps and more!

Our 10 pound pad holding up 6000 pounds

Highest Quality HVAC Pads

Our Hercules Pad is light enough for a single installer. Durable enough to withstand substantial weight. UV, moisture, and heat resistant. With a state of the art high-density core and resilient textured coating.

Why Choose Our HVAC Pads?

Innovative Design

Countless hours of research has created our best equipment pad yet. Versatile, strong, and light enough for a single installer.

Superior Quality

Forged with a revolutionary high-density core. Our pad is weatherproof, UV and chemical resistant.

USA Made

100%. From start to finish. We are committed to growing where we live.

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