Generator Pads

We pride ourselves on having the most durable and lightweight products on the market. When it comes to generator pads you won’t find any better than Hercules.

Each generator pad is made right here in the United States.  Save yourself all the work involved with a generator pad and instead go with the best condenser pad you’ll find anywhere. 

Affordable Generator Pads

Generator Pads are an important part of your unit. At Hercules we understand the importance of having a sturdy base for any commercial or residential backup generator. This will allow your generator to last longer and work better. 

The biggest problem for many is that a generator pad is quite heavy and often not very durable. Hercules Generator Pads changes the game and provides lightweight solutions that don’t hurt the overall quality of our product. In fact, the lightweight durable nature of our generator pads make us better than any competitor product out there today.

Custom Sizes are Available. Call (423) 760-4498 for quotes, or fill out our form below.


AC Condenser Pads

Quality Generator Pads

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